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[Kes’s voice is so weird to me because of how deep it is. It doesn’t seem right to hear that voice coming from that face. It honestly kinda creeps me out.]



She mentions her disdain for porn in these two.

Only posting to answer that anon’s question/request; I’ve no wish to wade into any debates.

Anyone know which Con Kate Mulgrew goes on about pornography? I thought it was brilliant, but alas, I can't find it anywhere.


If anyone has the answer to this question… share?  I guess?

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[All I want from life is for Kate Mulgrew to hug me like I’m a member of the Voyager crew.]
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[How could Kira not be getting it on with Vedek Bareil every chance she got? I certainly would, he is hot!]
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[Being a history buff,I enjoyed the Cold War references in ‘In The Flesh’ but I think the situation was resolved way too quickly.]
I am totally addicted to your blog now. Your blog is my Ketracel White.


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[I don’t like how they kept trying to make Tuvok more accepting of Neelix, when Neelix showed a complete and utter disregard for Vulcan culture.]
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[Sometimes I want to cuddle Bashir for how adorable he is and some other times I want to tie him into a bed.]
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[I find Kira and Seven’s hatred for holisuites completely justified. They are a waste of time and I think they have a realistic outlook on it.]
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[Tom telling that he will love his daughter no matter what as B’Elanna is crying is when I went from loving Tom Paris to him being my favorite character.]
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[What is it with people saying that Sisko shouldn’t be so “angsty” in “In the Pale Moonlight”? He did it, and he said he’d do it again… and somehow that’s not enough. No, he is not going to celebrate starting a war under false pretenses, nor calculated murder. Is that what you want him to do? Would you really like it if he did that?]