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[When Seven first came to Voyager I really resented her. Not because she was Borg, but because they quite obviously got rid of Kes to have her on the show. I guess they wanted someone more voluptuous and beautiful and I resented that a lot.]
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[I love Leeta. She’s ditzy, but she’s not actually stupid. I love that she takes a true interest in learning about alien cultures and that she stood up for herself when Rom wanted her to be a traditional Ferengi wife. She’s more than just a pretty face at the dabo table!]
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[All this time I thought I liked Harry, but I have come to realize that what I actually like is the friendship between Harry and Tom.]
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[The craziest, most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life was Janeway saying she wanted to make an alliance with the Borg.]
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[I just feel sorry for the Marquis. I sympathised with their cause completely and feel like they had every right to fight for their homes. Episodes featuring the Marquis make me really judge the federation for condemning all those desperate people.]
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[Finding out the Doctor added a penis to his program was surprising, and awesome.]
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[WHY DID I MAKE THE MISTAKE OF WATCHING MACROCOSM??!! My skin was crawling and I itched all over the entire time I watched it. Welp, never again with that.]
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[I think Kira is a far better written and developed character, but I will always like Jadzia better.]
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[I wouldn’t mind being the object of Ensign Vorik’s pon farr.]

Defiant continuous loop
[video by theIRML]
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[I don’t think I could deal with sonic showers. You’d just be standing in a room naked! I need water!]
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[I laugh uncontrollably every time I hear a Breen talk. Needless to say, Season 7 was an interesting experience.]
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[I think that if I was on Voyager Neelix and I would get on well. We’d sit in the Mess Hall talking about weird food concoctions and our home.]


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If I recall right, I’ve had this file for, oh, 15 years or so.  There used to be a Star Trek sound file site, STinSV.com (star trek in sound and vision) and they had… well… everything. 

And this was in the VHS days, folks.  They had the set-up to record all the sounds and VHS screen captures.  It was the TrekCore.com of it’s day; though much more heavily leaning towards audio than visual.  Great site, really wish it was still around.