"To The Best Crew Any Captain Ever Had...

...Set a Course, for Home!"

This Blog Exists for the Trekkies of Tumblr to Share Their Thoughts and Feelings, Wishes and Memories About Either (or Both!) of the later Star Trek Series - those not set aboard a vessel named Enterprise - Deep Space 9 and Voyager.

Without Your Confessions This Blog Can Not Exist!

- Be Brief but Also Be Specific in Your Opinion.
- Don't Generalize: "I hate this/love this" Without Specific Reasons.
- No Racism/Sexism/Hate Speech.
- Check your Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar!
- All Confessions are Anonymous,
- Often Repeated Confessions May Be Discarded.

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    Fun fact, the role was written for Ro. So its a valid comparrision.
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    Cool as Ro Laren is, Kira actually has a fully three dimensional character. I *like* that there’s somebody in Star Trek...
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    Like seriously in s1ep12 .
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