"To The Best Crew Any Captain Ever Had...

...Set a Course, for Home!"

This Blog Exists for the Trekkies of Tumblr to Share Their Thoughts and Feelings, Wishes and Memories About Either (or Both!) of the later Star Trek Series - those not set aboard a vessel named Enterprise - Deep Space 9 and Voyager.

Without Your Confessions This Blog Can Not Exist!

- Please keep your confessions brief (no more than a paragraph)
- Keep things clean and respectful (no outright smut and/or hate-speech permitted)
- Make your own spell checks! Generally speaking I won't alter your words unless needed.
- All Confessions are anonymous unless you specifically ask to be credited.
- I reserve the right to edit confessions to fit and/or not post repeats of the same sentiments.
- I generally tag posts about specific characters/actors with their names. To find them add /tags/their+name to blog URL.
- I do this for fun and won't abandon this blog. If I stop getting confessions, I'll let such be known!