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[I didn’t care for the addition of Vic Fontaine to the cast. To me he was unnecessary.]

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    I really disliked pretty much all the “hologram that has evolved feelings/intelligence/life form/whatever” things. It...
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    I hate him so much, yet I really liked some of the stuff that surrounded his character. Nog not wanting to leave the...
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    What is it with people who apparently want DS9 to be some joyless space drama???
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    I thought he was awesome. Without him, Odo and Kira would still be just friends and I might be a little dead inside. The...
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    Seconded, I love Vic! DS9 wouldn’t be the same without him.
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    if by “unnecessary” you mean “COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY NECESSARY” then I’ll have to agree
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    I like Vic Fontaine but more often then not I feel he would have been better on Voyager. Like, maybe Mark or Admiral...
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